The plan was a cycle to Largs, but when we opened the curtains it looked rather windy and we failed to conform to rule 5.

On the bike it turned out to be more than rather windy and the mountain bike loop up to the turbines then to the fishery at Loch Thom was the order of the day. Warmest bank holiday ever predicted for the South East of England. Misty, cold and blowing the proverbial hoolie up Brisbane Glen. Interesting that when we turned at the bridge it seemed the wind completely dropped.

But as we turned at the end of the loch towards the coffee stop at Ardgowan Fishery, suddenly it was back. And on the way home the same in reverse. I got to pondering the nature of headwinds and tailwinds. Although I was grinning as I pushed into the headwind, I couldn’t feel the tailwind at all. Even although I knew it was there and was trying to notice it.

Is it a metaphor for life? Do I notice the tailwinds I get for being a white, professional person with my private school education? Probably not. I haven’t noticed any meaningful headwinds for being female, but have definitely noticed the gusts. Where the discussions are aimed solely at the man I am with or my opinion seems to have been missed. But the man who says the same thing gets noticed and listened to.

So my take home from today. Notice my own tailwinds. Try harder to notice other people’s headwinds, put in a bit more effort and try to shield them from the wind.