They were aghast we were heading out on the bikes, given the forecast for rain and lower temperatures. We pointed out that if you didn’t cycle in these conditions in the west of Scotland, you’d be as well sticking to indoor training. 

So off we went. Against advice we took the ride all the way to Olot to tackle the 57km back along the sand covered track. 

Within 5 minutes we had at least warmed up a bit, but the rain continued And we were both covered by a fine layer of sand from head to toe. 

I’m sure it would be a lovely ride on a decent day, but it did turn into a bit of head down and go for it. JT pointed out I had rather more suitable tyres though, so we had to rein it in a bit to keep the slips under control. 

The first 10km or so is slightly uphill; and I do mean slightly. Then it’s pretty much downhill to Girona. On a decent day both ways would have been no bother. Today though, the surface made for a bit of a trudge. After an hour or so everything was covered in sand; face, hands, grips, every bit of clothing. At least it stayed outside the clothes. Or it did until I had a quick pee stop… cue paranoia about potential chafing!!! 

Despite having to put on the extra layers we had been carrying plus buffs, it wasn’t that long before we were down to the last 5km or so. It was getting cold by this point so it would have been good to speed up. Only problem was the sand had completely destroyed JT’s rear bake pads, so he had no rear brake at all. Not ideal as you hit the last bit of the ride on road. 

So slow and steady back to the hotel trying not to make any sudden movements. Unlike our ride to the coast which was busy with cyclists, runners and walkers, today we pretty much had the Vies Verdes to ourselves.  The bike hire people and the Aussie family we met in the hotel had all decided the weather was too bad so stayed indoors. Always makes you feel hardcore!