I’m Thelma’s wingman. She relies on me to always be on her right hand side, close but not too close and holding my line. Last week my navigation was somewhat off, and she expressed that displeasure with a minor meltdown at the turning point. 

Today we were in different surroundings based on weather putting paid to plan A. Although today’s plan A was in fact yesterday’s plan B; again due to weather. It pays to be flexible when you’re in the west of Scotland. Or as the loch brother would say, a little bit of sense every now and again ensures you can continue with a lifetime of madness. 

Midway through our session I realised things were all wrong. I had Thelma on my right hand side. But then a minute later, she was on the correct side. And so it went on; wrong side then right side, wrong side then right side. It was highly disconcerting. On a more positive note, my navigation was bang on today. Likely due to the dark blue line I was following underneath me. 

Pool swimming isn’t nearly the same as loch swimming, even in an outdoor pool. We only turn once in our open water swims, yet always swap over to make sure we’re in correct position relative to each other. Habit? Emotional security blanket? Probably both. But I wouldn’t be the wingman if she didn’t know where I was 🙃.